Frankly speaking, it never crossed my mind that one day i'll be an life insurance agent i.e Life Planner. I wanted to be a Life Planner because of AIA. It all started when I was looking for an affordable takaful coverage for my whole family. I came across AIA's innovative product, thought that there's a real need for such coverage in the market and everything else was history. 

The main reasons that you need to consider in choosing AIA are:

  1. Be Different - Let's face it, the common insurance products that most people take up are life and medical insurance. If there are 10 agents from 10 different companies, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? From the range of products of course. AIA range of products gives you the flexibility to propose to your prospective clients. You can offer medical card as standalone or rider, individual medical card, couple's medical card, family medical card or combination of medical card with life insurance depending on your client's need and budget. That flexibility alone, not many insurance company can offer. If you have more to offer, your client base is certainly bigger. 
  2. Technology - AIA is the first insurance company in Malaysia to adopt the iPad platform for new insurance application. This method has certainly reduce the application process time. It's certainly easier for a Life Planner. The company is certainly moving towards paperless business environment. The technology has now expanded to include e-credit card payment method and change in client's particulars among others all using iPad. Portals are also available for checking client's policy status, approval and training purposes. Sky is really the limit in terms of technology adoption. 
  3. Mortgage - Once a licensed AIA Life Planner, you can also market AIA's home loan packages. This certainly helps you in terms of product range offered. If you can't sell insurance, then sell housing loan.
What I've presented are main points in how you can be different in the insurance industry by choosing the right company. If you have what it takes to be an AIA Life Planner, let's discuss about having a career with AIA. Give me a buzz


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