A-Life Cancer360-i

One of the best cancer protection plan in town has been revealed by AIA Public Takaful. The plan name is A-Life Cancer360-i. The plan basically helps cancer patient to fight cancer during early stage of cancer, after diagnosis of cancer and during recovery period of cancer. 

At least 1 in 4 people is expected to get cancer by age 75. The earlier cancer is detected, the greater chances of survival. 

Typical cancers associated with men and women are shown in the following figure.

A-Life Cancer360-i offers protection in 5 ways which are:
  1. Early Stage Cancer Benefit - which includes Carcinoma in situ, Early Prostate Cancer, Early Thyroid Cancer, Early Bladder Cancer and Early Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
  2. Recovery Reward - 10% of Sum Covered is paid after 6 and 12 months from the diagnosis date of Early Stage Cancer
  3. Power Reset - Sum Covered will be reset to 100% 12 months after diagnosis of Early Stage Cancer
  4. Cancer Benefit with coverage up to RM300,000
  5. Extended Recovery Income - 10% of Sum Covered is paid every 12 months after cancer diagnosis up to 5 payments. 

The main selling points of this cancer protection plan are:

1. It is affordable. Let's see how affordable it is

2. Maturity Payout of 100% Sum Covered. There is nothing to lose with this plan as you reach 80 years old, if there is no claim made, 100% of Sum Covered will be returned to you. 

3. Optional Riders are also available under this plan. This includes A-Plus LifeCover-i which covers death and TPD, and A-Plus CriticalCover-i which covers 36 critical illnesses. 

4. Possibility of Payouts until 200%. Let's have a look at a few scenarios of claims up to 150% and 200% of Sum Covered in the following figures:

 Payout up to 150%

 Payout up to 150%

Payout up to 200%

Now let's have a look at the schedule of benefits for A-Life Cancer360-i.

The best part out of all this is that if you are an AIA Medical Card Policy Holder, you'll have a chance to have up to RM1.95 million in funds set aside just to fight cancer. 

To know more on how to get this best in town cancer treatment plan, give me a buzz.


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