Family Medical Card

Family Medical Card by AIA Public Takaful has been quite a revelation in the Takaful/insurance industry. It is quite popular and selling like hot cakes. Among the advantages of signing up for a family medical card are:

  1. Cost effective. Only pay for what you need i.e. medical protection. 
  2. Easy maintenance of only one policy. Once the plan is in force, you just need to add the names of your new children when they are born. 

Here are some facts that you should know about family medical card:

  1. There are 3 plans currently on offer. Plan 150, 200 and 250.
  2. Although the plan is available as a rider under a takafulink plan, it's more suitable to be taken as a standalone medical card plan due to cost factor. 
  3. The standalone medical card is available as an individual plan, husband & wife plan, husband & children plan, wife & children plan and husband, wife & children plan. Number of children covered under these plans are maximum of 4 persons.
  4. Parents i.e husband and wife are covered up to 99 years of age while children are covered until they are 22 years old under the family plan. 
  5. The benefits under each plan are NOT SHARED with family members.
  6. Since premium is based on the insured's age, you can enjoy lower premium if your spouse is younger than you provided both of you are in the same occupation class. 
  7. Each person is provided with their own medical card. But only 1 policy is issued for a family plan. 
  8. Health declaration must be provided by each family member covered under the plan. Not just parents. 
  9. For the first child under the family medical card plan, coverage commence when the child is 30 days old. For subsequent child, coverage starts from 14 days old
Given the popularity of the product, there are understandably people who spread inaccurate information about the product to discourage people from signing up. Here are a few information that you should know about the family medical card plan:
  1. If the insured i.e parent is dead, the plan will be converted to the spouse & children plan. 
  2. If both parents are dead, the plan will be converted to individual plans for each child. 
  3. When the child reaches 22 years old, he/she will be offered an individual plan.
Now that you have known all the advantages and facts about family medical card offered by AIA Public Takaful, it's time for you to take up the stress test and determine whether Family Medical Card is for You.

If you would like to apply for the Family Medical Card, fill in the forms here

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