A Life Med Regular i

AIA Public Takaful has launched new takaful products to replace the previous products as of 7 July 2014. One of it is the standalone A Life Med Regular i as a replacement to A-medik. There are certain enhancements done to this product as compared to the previous one. The lists are as follows:

  • Only 3 plans are offered under this new product namely Plan 150, 200 and 250 as opposed to 5 previously
  • There is an additional benefit for Out-Patient Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Treatment Benefit which has a yearly limit
  • Daily cash allowance at Government Hospital is standardized to RM100 per day for all plans
  • In anticipation of GST implementation next year, additional benefit of Malaysian Government Service Tax is included in the new product
  • There is no more co-takaful
  • Overall annual limit is revised upwards by RM10,000 for each plan in comparison to previous product
  • Out-patient kidney dialysis treatment and out-patient cancer treatment are combined as a single benefit with lifetime limit. Previously the benefits are separated with lifetime limit for each benefit.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation benefit is revised to USD1 million per event for each plan. Previously it was RM500,000 per lifetime
  • The maximum participating age for this product is 70 years old compared to 60 years old previously. 
  • Of course with better benefits, the premium is higher compared to the previous one
  • Generally, the percentage of premium increase due to aging is smaller compared to previous product
Some other features such as coverage for family up to 4 children and no lifetime limit still apply. This product can still be purchased as a standalone medical card.  There is more option to the medical card plans ranging from Plan 100 to 500 if you sign up for the takafulink product, A Life Link i.

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