Advantages of AIA Medical Card

After doing some comparisons between Medical Cards (MC) offered by the main takaful and insurance companies in Malaysia, the followings are the advantages of AIA Public Takaful MC.
  1. The only MC that can be combined for the whole family which covers up to 6 persons (husband, wife and up to 4 children).
  2. With among the lowest premium with better benefits.
  3. No lifetime medical limit.
  4. Provides among the highest yearly annual medical limit up to RM90,000 per year.
  5. MC which can be taken as a stand alone policy.
  6. The only MC which provides hospitalization at hospital overseas up to 120 days per year.
  7. Provides the highest post-hospitalization treatment benefit of up to 120 days per year.
  8. Provides among the highest Intensive Care Unit (ICU) benefit of up to 120 days per year.
  9. Combination of hospital room & board and ICU benefit up to 240 days per year.
  10. Provides hospitalization child guardian benefit up to 120 days per year.
  11. Provides high free co-takaful amount per year.
  12. Highest in hospital physicians visit benefit up to 240 days per year.

  • The comparisons between the MC is published in our Medical Card Mampu Milik Facebook Page. Click on the COMPARISON tab.
  • The premium comparison is for healthy 30 year old male.
  • The comparison is done for Hospital Room and Board benefit of RM150 per day. The nearest plan is selected if the takaful/insurance operator does not offer the RM150 plan.

With the advantages listed, it is quite clear that AIA Public Takaful Medical Card offers the best benefits with low premium. Contact me to know more about this amazingly low price Medical Card. 

This comparison is done in January 2014

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